30 September 2010

A Little Background

See the wooded lots on either side of our house?  We were fortunate to have that seclusion for 5 years.  Then, one day in the Spring of 2005 I came home from work to find the trees on both of those lots cut down and the lots prepped to build.

Once the houses started going up it was evident that we did not want to live ten feet away from our neighbors.  Yes, we knew we had built in a zero lot line area, but I don't think we really understood just how close 10' from our neighbors would be.  We concluded that we 1) wanted a one story home; and 2) we wanted some distance between our neighbors.  Don't get me wrong.  We adored our neighborhood and loved the people on our little street.  We were true neighbors who watched out for each other, fed pets and watered flowers when someone was out of town.  And just like the times of my childhood, we actually, from time to time, borrowed a cup of sugar and eggs from each other.  Leaving our neighborhood was going to be the hardest thing about selling the house.

Took a while, but once the house sold our search for an acre was on.  We didn't dream it would take 5 years to have house and land come together once again for us.

29 September 2010


Through whatever means anyone finds themselves here I hope you have a cup of very strong coffee because you may find yourself nodding off!  I resolved myself to journal about the undertaking of building our house.  I am neither a writer nor a photographer; just someone who would love to be both and who admires those who have been gifted with those talents.  Since I'm sure that family members and very good friends will be the primary audience of this blog I guess I don't have much to worry about putting them to sleep.  I bore them all the time.

I loved the idea of scrap booking about the adventure, but that takes so much time, creativity and money.  If I'm honest with myself the real fascination with scrap booking is that there is a plethora of really cool equipment and supplies that I would get to have to purchase.

This will be the 3rd house Lovey and I have built together.  It certainly takes the prize for taking the longest time to get a shovel in the ground!  With that said, I'll begin....tomorrow.