12 May 2012

Happy Mother's Day Mommy

I love this photo of my mother when she was a child.  I love it for so many reasons.  First of all, she is just so darn cute.  I love it that I see my niece & my nephew when I look at that face.  I see her eyes in everyone of us London kids.  I have her mouth.   I have her ears.

I love her bangs in this photo; I'm sure she was squirming when her mother was trying to trim them, just like I used to squirm when she tried to trim mine.

I love that little curl above her ear.  I love that her buttons match her scarf.  And you know, I love that great wallpaper in the background.  I'll have to remember to ask her if she recalls where this was taken.

I just love my momma.  She was gifted with the most beautiful singing voice that she passed on to her granddaughter.  She is the reason I love classical music, Broadway musicals, poetry, and the arts as a whole.  She taught me to not judge people just because other people judged them for some reason or another.

She came to my rescue and helped me through times when I couldn't figure things out for myself.  Thank you mom for loving me unconditionally and so completely.  I love because you taught me how to love.

Happy Mother's Day everyday...not just today.  I love you more than anything.
Love, Jamie