16 February 2011

The Dunny

The lavatory, latrine, crapper, bog, loo, head, potty, can, privy, throne, john, stool, netty, bulkhead, confessional, water closet...whatever you choose to call yours, we all have them.  I, for one, am thankful that we have brought these porcelain and china chairs indoors.

Searching for toilets wasn't an activity that made my skirt fly up.  I really didn't care as long as it worked.  That is, until I saw this.

Tall, clean lines; nice tank for hiding storing all sorts of things in (come on now, you know you probably have a relative who used to hide money or whisky in them).

Caroma, the manufacturer out of Australia, refers to this as "reduced-flush water-efficient sanitaryware".  Wow - sanitaryware - sounds as if they want you to eat off of it.

There's nothing new about dual flush toilet systems.  But this system comprises two buttons:  full flush (1.28 gallon) and half flush (0.8 gallon).  Also known as a #1 button (on the left) and a #2 button (on the right)!

It took the plumber a lot longer to get these installed.

It has a different offset plastic outlet connector rubber cup thingy than a regular toilet; please don't ask me why. 

I'm a little concerned that we installed one of these toilets in the powder room.  Will we find it necessary to hang a framed plaque with instructions on which button to use?

This could prove very embarrassing for our guests.

What drew C to these toilets was the chair height and knowing he was going to be able to help protect the environment and save on utility bills. 

He also thought the seats were really cool because they are what they call "easy closing";

they float down as they are closing until they are shut.  No more slamming!  Almost looks like it's trying to talk.

I like the chair height as well.  I also like the fact that the sides are straight; not a piece of porcelain mimicking an over sized section of the large intestine.  This will make cleaning so much easier.

Since our "sanitaryware" is Australian, I shall crown them as The Dunny.