10 December 2014

Some Christmas Favorites

Each year when I bring all of the bins that hold the family Christmas Treasures down from the room over the garage there are always a few items that I love to re-discover when I come across them.  In particular, there are certain items that were from Lovey's childhood; decorations that Faye always displayed in their home when Lovey was a little one.  These are some of my favorites:

Mr. and Mrs. Santa add a little spice to the holiday.  I love these salt and pepper shakers and we use them on the table when we actually have Christmas dinner at our home.

I love tea towels and these have held up over the years.  They are linen with felt decor on them and the writing is hand stitched.

 This little plastic Frosty is carrying a bag on his back that gets filled each year with mini candy canes.  This was Lovey's when he was a wee lad.

I, personally love these two cups.  They are about 4 inches wide and high.  The plastic greenery has been in them since the fifties.  I haven't had the nerve to pull it out and change it.  Maybe Char and Chris will make them fabulous when they get them.

 These turtle doves are actually off of a package from the 50's and I guess Faye adored them so much for what they stand for that she always kept them to re-decorate packages.  However, she made sure they were packages that stayed in the family so she would not lose them.  After Faye passed away  I started using them on the Christmas Tree, prominently posing them on the same branch.

This sweet angel looked like it came from a package too.  It is labeled as 'made in Occupied Japan" which tells me the age .  The Occupied Japan period was from 1945 (after World War II) through April 25, 1952; it was during this time that the Allies "occupied" Japan. 

 These NOEL Angels are one of my favorites and remind me so much of Faye.  They are so sweet and innocent.

 Look at that sweet face.  See her halo?  She is the only one of the four angels whose halo has had the gold rubbed off of the front of it.  It's a sign of affection on this sweet item that makes me believe that my mother-in-law rubbed this little angels' halo each time she walked past her.

I love our Christmas treasures from the past.  Do you have specific decorations or ornaments that are special to you?