06 July 2011

Front Door

Being a furniture man, C. has always preferred to have the front door be a "Four-O" door; a door that is 4'0" wide.  It makes life so much easier when you have large pieces of furniture to bring in the house.

Here is ours.  It was made by an outfit in Coppell, Texas.  It's made of knotty alder and has six beveled glass panes.

When it was installed the door wound up being too thick for the door handle that we had selected.  We had to re-order a different size of the hardware so for a little over a week the front door was jimmy-rigged to keep it locked.

And here is the final product.  The door was stained with the same dark walnut as the cabinets.  C. chose art deco hardware in an antiqued pewter finish.