17 March 2011

Scraping and Staining

 Back in December the hardwood floors were laid (layed?  lain?) put down.  Hardwood was installed in the great room, kitchen and pantry.

One of the last things to get done before closing on the house was staining the wood floors.

Before going forward, we needed to select our stain.  These were what we chose from.  We decided the one on the right made the grain in the wood "pop" a little more.

First they sanded and hand scraped,

then they swept up all of the saw dust with this heavy-duty vacuum (my husband would love to have something this powerful but it looks a little cumbersome to me),

then I went home and when I came back a couple of days later the floors looked like this

These photos are really grainy aren't they?  That's because I was using up the 800 speed film that was in my camera.  They also show all of the dusty footprints of the workers

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