04 April 2011

Kitchen Appliances - The Rest of my Playthings

We elected on 2 refrigerators instead of a refrigerator and an extra freezer as we've done in the past.  When I'm really cooking or baking up a storm I find it's more refrigerator space I need; not freezer.

A surprise these refrigerators held was a filtered ice water dispenser on the inside.  Since I did not want a dispenser on the door front, where they're usually located, I figured I would have to settle without convenient ice water.  You can barely see it (in this terribly grainy photo - another 800 speed film disaster) as a grey oval button on the side of the left wall of the interior.  I was quite pleased with this surprise.

The potfiller will save my back from lugging heavy pots of water from the sink to the range-top.  Yeah right.   Although it is actually quite practical I will admit I wanted one because it's just another fun toy in the kitchen.

Now, the ovens will save me from some back aches.  Being the shorty that I am I elected to do two single ovens side by side instead of a double set on top of each other.  I had them set at 32" from the floor (at the bottom).  See the cabinet top to the left?  That's the baking center top that is also set at 32" (for easier bread kneading).  The cabinet top to the right of the ovens is at the normal height of 36".  This puts them at the right height for me to access them without having to bend over or stand on my tip toes.

C likes the blue enameled interior and the heavy SatinGlide racks with handles.  The handles are really sweet.  I like that the bottom heating elements are hidden.  Two other features I like are the temperature probe and the steam-assist technology (for bread baking).


I realize that technically this is not an appliance, but I sure like them.  I found them at Loew's.  These are for some of my heavier pots and pans.  They will become my friends because I won't have to get down on all fours to dig out the cast iron skillets or the Le Creuset dutch ovens.  I elected not to put them in all the cabinets because you can actually store a heck of a load more without them.

These are in the cabinets below the baking center and will hold the flour and sugar bins.

Once all the cooking and baking are done we get to clean up!!

 And this will make it fun!!

After the dishes are done, it's time to pop the cork on a nice bottle of wine.

Next time, I'll show you some things that we did in the house that I think are really fun.

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