13 September 2011

Jamie Wichita Miss

My in-laws used to own a ranch between Weatherford and Mineral Wells.  Geema had every type of fowl you can imagine.  I loved Mr. and Mrs. Peacock.  The Guinea Hens made me laugh the way they ran around like crazy birds.  They also had ducks and hens.  Goats and barbado sheep also inhabited the ranch.
In their younger days Papa and Geema showed Tennessee Walkers.  Walkers became the horse of choice at the ranch.  They were wonderful animals and have such a smooth gait; you could ride for hours without getting a sore bum.
Papa enjoyed raising Longhorns.  Papa’s herd had some sweet little calves and when it came time to register them Papa incorporated my, Char’s, and Chris’ name into the registered names of three of them.I ran across this in the piles of memorabilia that I kept over the years.

This is a copy of my certificate for Jamie Wichita Miss.
And here is a photo that Papa took of her with his trusty Polaroid Camera.

She’s the little white and red one in the foreground.  Her mama is standing behind her; her name was YO Waco Wichita Miss 115.
Although Longhorn cows can live up to thirty years, Jamie Wichita Miss is probably no longer living, but if she is she would be almost 25 years old.

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