26 December 2011

On The 2nd Day of Christmas...

my true love sent to me,

2 Turtle Doves

Turtle Doves have been associated with love and faithfulness.  Mated pairs stay together over many years, and possibly for life.  Scripturally they represent a picture of devotion and loving kindness.
I like the story attributed to Turtle Doves depicted in the movie "Home Alone 2".   If you recall from that movie, Mr. Duncan (the owner of the toy store) gave Kevin a pair; one to keep and one to give a special person.  Mr. Duncan told Kevin "as long as each of you has your Turtle Dove, you'll be friends forever".  Kevin gave one of his pair to the “pigeon lady” who came to his rescue in Central Park.  It was a symbol of the bond they'd shared that Christmas, and that they would always be friends.
Sweet part of the movie.

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