05 November 2010


I love stone.  I love the feel of it, the look of it.  It's strong and beautiful.

I especially love this.  This is moss rock and I love the moss that is living on it.

In the 70's my best friend, her husband and I rented a house in Broomfield, Colorado.  The house had a small formal living room and one whole wall and the fireplace was solid moss rock very similar to this but lighter in color and a lot more moss covered.  All of the stone came from a quarry not far from Boulder.  Our landlord stipulated that we were to spray the moss once a week with distilled water.  She even gave us the spray bottle.  Something told me that we better not kill it!  There was something very magical about "feeding" the moss.  It would puff up and turn a blue-grey color.

The other stone we are using is a native sandstone.  The stone mason put up a test panel to see if we liked the grout color.  The front of the house will be stone and the sides and back of the house will be brick.
BtB sent a couple of photos of mortar styles.  We wanted a little sloppy, smeary mortar like we had on our last house.  This was a little too much of an actual weeping mortar.  At times it looks like what the backside of a brick wall would look like.

This is a little more what we had in mind. 
Will be anxious to see how this will look on a large scale.

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  1. I like the rock. I also like the smeared mortar in the second picture better for sure. Looking good!!