27 October 2010

Little Bit of This ~ A Little Bit of That

There's not alot that looks different while they are framing.  The electrician gets in there and wires, the plumbers do more work, but nothing really interesting to see.  But in keeping with the spirit of this blog, I aim to please and will now bring you some of those boring photos!

The air conditioning ductwork started going in

This is my vent hood duct work in the kitchen

A side note here...although most people would look at these and think, "what the, who cares about that!", well, I actually think it's kind of interesting to know what all is behind my walls. 
I've also made sure that I can get to these little puppies in case I need to clean anything out.  I'm a clean freak like that.  We are also very anal about keeping bugs, critters, etc. out as well as being very energy efficient. 

That's why we are doing this to all of the ceilings and walls...(photo courtesy of BtB)

C & I are big fans of foam-in insulation.  We've had it in a previous residence and it is well worth the cost.  It's also fire-proof and bugs and rodents can't live in it.

I think they did a very nice job building our corbels, don't you?
This one is over my kitchen window.  That's a protective covering BtB put on all the windows.

This one is over C's study.

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