07 June 2011

Some Things We Think Are Fun

With most everything done I thought I'd post some photos of odds and ends; things around the house that I like - for one reason or another. 

These sweet little buttons of wheat are the hardware we selected for the kitchen and the pantry.

This square drain grate is from an outfit called Ebbe Square Drains (original huh?).  We really liked them and the tile layer did too.  It's much easier for him to cut tile or stone in a square rather than than a circle.  We selected the polished chrome but they come in a lot of different finishes.

They are not screwed in like the round grates.  They sit in the square drain riser.  The grate comes with a grate puller and whenever you want to clean the trap you insert the grate puller into one of the holes and simply turn and pull it up.

These cast iron dog heads are being used as coat hooks in the mud room.  They came quite rusted.  We wanted to keep some of the rust because we wanted them to look old.  I scraped off the loose surface rust then coated them with a matte sealer so none of the remaining rust would come off on our coats.

Charles found these wall sconces at market. 

They add a nice little glow in the evening.

The built-in ironing board is for the laundry lady to de-wrinkle all of our clothes.  Unfortunately, the laundry lady would be me.  I hate to iron.  Perhaps it stems from mother making my sister and I iron hankies, pillow cases and sheets when we were young.  Sheets, really?????  I didn't question that then but now I think back and wonder why....

I do have a nice little shelf to hold the iron and a bottle of Tito's spritzer bottle.

And this is how I reward myself after an afternoon of ironing.  A most refreshing cocktail made from freshly squeezed grapefruit juice and Tito's.  Do you think if I drank a couple of these while I was ironing I would enjoy the task more?

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