11 June 2011

Visions in Marble

Pareidolia -
We've all heard about the miracles of seeing Mother Teresa's face in the cinnamon bun


 Obama's face on a piece of toast.

That's what Pareidolia is; a phenomenon involving a stimulus that we perceive as being significant.  Other examples of pareidolia are hidden messages on records played in reverse. Who, my age, doesn't remember the  "turn me on, dead man" message heard when "Revolution 9" is played backwards on the Beatles' White Album?  I was depressed for a very long time believing that Paul was really dead.

But I'm a big girl now and I know that he's alive and well.

This is another type of pareidolia.  Do you remember lying on your back in the grass, staring at the clouds, imagining all sorts of shapes that resembled animals or faces?  Like this fish.

I personally have been experiencing this phenomenon in my bathroom.  On the marble tiles to be exact.  Here, let me show you my collection thus far.

The continent of Africa is on my floor

So is the San Andreas Fault

Does anyone else see the chili pepper???

Oh, and I experienced this phenomenon in my pantry too.  Take a look what I found in my potato basket...

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