01 January 2012

On The 8th Day of Christmas...

my true love sent to me,

8 maids a-milking

milk maid braids

The phrase "As smooth as a milk maid's skin" means exceptionally smooth.  According to Wikipedia, "This phrase came about as a result of exposure to cowpox, which causes no serious symptoms, but does convey a partial immunity to the disfiguring (and often fatal) disease smallpox. Thus, milkmaids lacked the "pockmarked" complexion common to smallpox survivors. This observation led to the development of the first vaccine."

California Milk Maids

And for our purpose today, the lyric is linked to the 8 beatitudes as taught in the sermon on the mount.

Now that you have some milk maid trivia embedded in the folds of your brain, meditate on this devotional for the 8th day of Christmas!

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