10 November 2016

I Feel Better When I'm Dancing

Miss Muffet had her first dance recital this past Summer.  I wasn't about to miss watching this little girl dance her heart out. And that's what she did.  She had so much fun; no stage fright for her! She relished in the moment.

Before the performance comes a lot of practice!

And, when big sister is trying to practice, little brother has to join in

Miss Muffet is the tiniest one on the stage.  She is in the middle of the front row of the group that comes out of the flats from house right (or stage left).

Miss Muffet and her friends. By the way, I loved yellow outfit for the Singing in the Rain number; it was so 1960's Gene Kelly meets Nancy Sinatra.

 Dancers and their spoils

 Is this not the most beautiful family?

 Mimi and her Miss Muffet

Although the recital was the catalyst that got me out of Midland, there were so many other precious moments that I brought home with me.

Getting to spend time with grandchildren is the best.  So many moments that make you proud, laugh, and so many times you just want to squeeze them to death.  I'm so grateful to have had those moments for a short time. 

Miss Snaggletooth

 You'll be there one day Buddy!

 Toot Toot!!


 MM made the perfect apple pie for her dad

 Making the perfect vent holes

 Awww, a girl and her dog.


Is she mimicking Mimi wearing her reading glasses?

 Captain America

 Calm down....it's root beer.

How do you like my new outfit?

Now that I am back home in West Texas I miss them so.

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