09 November 2016

It's Hard To Say Goodbye

It's hard to let go of things. A drastic change in your life lends to drastic measures. I've had a big lesson in having to make decisions on what to let go of and what to hold on to. I know I shouldn't be so materialistic and admitting to myself that I am was the hardest hurdle to get over.

A year ago, Lovey and I made the decision to move to Midland and become caregivers to my father-in-law. Along with that decision came the decision to sell the house as well as most of our possessions and just start over once we retired 100%.

Why do we love things so much?  Is there really anything wrong with loving our things? Things were put here for us to enjoy, weren't they?




Whatever the real answer, this was something we wanted to do more than needed to do. So, we did it.  Once the house sold we brought in an Estate Sale company to organize, price and sell, sell, sell. 

Lovey reiterated that if something was sentimental, go ahead and keep it. Therein lies the problem because I am sentimental about most of my things. Yet, he's so willing to let go of things that have been such a big part of his life.  Broke my heart to see Lovey let go of some of his childhood memories.

Goodbye house. Hello packing and selling most of my possessions.

It was hard.  We loved this house. We loved the neighborhood.  A good friend of ours listed the house and it was sold within 2 weeks.  It absolutely killed me to think this house was not going to belong to us any more.  Especially since we worked for 5 years to find just the right location and get it built.

Getting to know the new owners and realizing they were a family that was passionate about making this their home made the medicine easier to swallow. They really love it and we also received a sweet letter from one of the daughters about what it would mean to her and her family if they could live in this house.


Saying goodbye to possessions was not nearly as sad as saying goodbye to a neighborhood, all of the dear neighbors and friendships that were nurtured. 

And oh, my goodness, it was so sad to leave our church home and church family.

So many doors closed and a whole world of unknown opened up before us.

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