13 December 2010


Christmas in Texas, yall !!
I think I'm going to enjoy living out in the country.....

because you just won't see this in Highland Park.

I wish I could have gotten a closer shot, but I was taking it through their fence.  Ride 'em Santa!

OK, Cabinets are going in!!!

 I sort of freaked when I saw a portion of this.  The group of cabinets to the left of the oven openings are supposed to be a lot lower (32" from the floor).  Actually, the same height as the bottom of the ovens. 
 Notice that the top of the Baking Center cabinets are higher than the other cabinets??  I found out that the cabinet installer installed the cabinets higher on purpose while other cabinets were installed; so, all is well in cabinet world.  I am going to really enjoy the height of the ovens!

 Refrigerators are on both sides of the range top.
Cabinets in the utility room

 Mud room drawers

 The kitchen is starting to take form.  Geez, I can't wait for the island to be put in.
These drawers look odd because they are very shallow.  These drawers will be used for knife storage.

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