10 December 2010


Right up front I'll warn you this is just a bunch of photos taken of the floors.  Nothing special but I am very pleased with my husband's selections.  We did decide on a variety of surfaces; hard wood, travertine, marble, tile, stained concrete.  Here...take a look...


Staining will be one of the last things they do.  We (read husband) haven't decided on the color yet.

 The kitchen (cabinets in this weekend!).  Off subject, but see the piece of duct work in the middle of the kitchen wall that was installed for the vent hood?  That's become the big elephant in the room, but I'll explain that in another post.  There is hard wood in the pantry as well, which is through the doorway on the right.


 The entry hall looking back at the front door.

 We had it set in a pattern called Versailles

 We carried the travertine down the entry hall, into the powder room

And into the master bedroom


This tile was selected for the hall from the garage into the mud room and on into the utility room.  I apologize, I'm obsessed with ballet positions.  My first position lacks a tad bit of an angle.

 Third position.  What's that you say?  Oh, yes I remember.  We're supposed to be talking about tile.

This is the guest Jack and Jill bathroom.  I think this is the neatest stuff!  It's tile, but looks like boards off the side of an old weathered barn.  Kind of funky, huh?

The whole bathroom is tiled in this.  I was just fixated on the shower this day for some reason.


 This is Emperador Dark.  C chose this for the master bath because he likes everything to look slick and shiny in the bathroom.  It's really pretty though.

 A little side room into the shower, also known as, somewhere to throw the towels so they don't get wet

Sorry for all the bright spots where the flash hits the wall.  Slick and shiny!  Notice that David the tile man cut the tiles into 6 inch squares for the shower floor.  That's so there is more grout which makes it less slick.

And, lastly the loo; or will be when we get the pot installed!

I don't know about you but my neck hurts looking down at the floor so much!

The guest bedrooms will be stained concrete so I'll share that when it gets done.  I'm not really familiar with stained concrete so it will be something new and I hope I can go out to the house and watch them do it.  It might be as exciting as watching paint dry.

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