09 December 2010

The Woods

I've had this week off from work to get all of my Christmas baking done.  To prevent myself from feeling like a total sugar ball, I took a break from the kitchen one morning this week to go out to the house.  Things are starting to move a little slower now which is normal.

It was a perfect Autumn day with a chill in the air.  The sunny sky was icy blue in color and there was a slight breeze that made me glad I was wearing my sweats.  I decided I would take a walk back into the woods.

Since the dense brush has thinned out a bit it was easier for me to get around back there.  I can't wait to clean them out but boy howdy do I have a project ahead of me!

There is so much smilax in the under brush it's still impossible to get through some areas.  Once I start cleaning out all the brush there will be great pains in not disturbing some areas that wildlife inhabit.  This fallen tree will be interesting.  Should I ask Santa for a wood chipper?

I was hoping to see some wildlife.  Birds were the only part of the animal kingdom who were showing themselves that morning.  But birds are good; I like the birds.  Hunting for the right spot for a deer feeder too.

I wanted to find the creek.

 I've seen it from a satellite photo but have never been able to get back in there and see it. 

This is the first part of the creek that I ran upon.  The creek runs from the west, dives south then turns back to the east.  At this curve in the creek I'm standing atop a drop-off that's about 12 feet, then as it runs east again you can actually walk across it; so I'm told.   I'm facing west looking toward our neighbor's property.  I'm standing right on the edge where the creek turns south and this curve is actually our property line.

 The southern route of the creek is actually on the neighbor's land, but boy do we have a great view of it!  Hmmmm, looks like it's in need of a little algae control.

 At the top of this photo you can see the creek starting to turn the corner and move east.  This is where the creek is on our property and  the banks of the creek are not really steep so we can actually walk down into the creek.  I'll be making it back to that part of the creek another day.  Besides, there are more woods on the other side of the creek to discover!

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