29 January 2011

Counter Tops

At this stage of construction I wish I were able to spend each day, all day, at the house and watch the contractors work.  I really enjoy watching and learning how these guys do their job.  On the other hand, I would probably be a nervous wreck watching them and they would probably drive me from the house.

I'd really like to watch them cut and work the granite, but I would stress that at any moment a great big crack would run the length of the slab.  

Roque, the granite guy (isn't that a great name for someone who works with stone?) started putting the cabinet tops on.  Last week I paid a visit to his workshop to deliver the two kitchen sinks and had the opportunity to see them cutting out the  templates for the four bathroom lavatories.  It is my understanding that they have to cut out the holes for undermount sinks at the shop because the edges have to be polished.  The holes for drop-in sinks (like the sink for the utility sink) and the range top will be done on sight because the raw edges are won't show.

I simply cannot believe that I didn't have my camera with me so you aren't able to see photos from his shop.

But, I did get photos of the work they did at the house.  This is getting really fun for me and I find myself smiling a lot.  I'm telling you, I cannot wait to start cooking in the kitchen.  Here are some pictures of the granite counter tops.

The baking center.  The height of this cabinet is dropped to 30" so I can easily knead dough on it (being the shorty that I am).

This is where the range top will be dropped in.  9/10 of this slab will be cut out for the range top to drop in.  I wonder why they just couldn't install the two little pieces on each side of where the range will go?  I'm sure there is a reason.  I've requested the cut-out piece to be sliced up so I can use for fruit and cheese platters.

The backsplash here will also be granite but BtB wants to install at the same time the vent hood goes in.

I can't get enough of the island.  I love the island.

I want to wrap my arms around it and hug it.  I want to tap dance on it.

I want to...... oh, never mind.  I'm sorry.

The primary sink.  The window sill will be granite as well.

Some of the cabinet tops with the back splash complete.

The empty space under the counter top will be the wine refrigerator.  To the right, you can see where the cabinet top drops down in the baking center.

Some photos of the pantry.  These are the bookshelves; once there are actual shelves installed.

The desk area.  We'll keep the computer here.  The door into the kitchen is just to the left.

A work counter for wrapping gifts and other crafty stuff.

Another shot of the book shelves and storage space below.  Due to the design of this house and the lack of wall space in the great room (because of the windows) there is not much space for pieces of furniture that store things; primarily china and crystal.  The china hutches and buffets that used to go in the formal dining room are now sold since there is no place for them.  Thus, the pantry is also serving as storage room for things like that.

I didn't take a photo of it but there are actually shelves along the wall (in the right side of this photo) for groceries and the like.

This is the Jack guest bathroom.  The Jill is identical.  These cabinet tops are travertine.

The powder room has the same travertine.  I'll add a photo later.

One of the lavatories in the Master bath.  Just like the flooring, the cabinet tops are Emperador Dark marble.

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