10 January 2011


The preparations alone for staining and painting are gynormous!  In the case of our house they had to cover everything with a thick, brown paper which makes it very dark in the house.  Believe me, I am using that excuse for my really bad photos. 

Even the windows had to be covered up.

Look, here's a little peep hole in the kitchen window they made for themselves.  It would drive me batty too if I couldn't look out.

Here's another one in one of the great room windows.

We chose a dark walnut stain for the cabinets and trim.

This whole process seems very messy to me.  Look at all of this stuff!! 

If you promise not to think bad of me I'll tell you a secret.  I love the smell of stain, paint and varnish.  There, it's out.  I don't know why but I love the smell.  I also love the smell of magic markers.  As a child I'm sure it was a constant battle for my mother to keep me away from the car tailpipe.   Which makes me think of something else I love the smell of....the diesel from the snow cats on the ski slopes.  There was just something about that smell in the winter....  Wow, I am really scaring myself here.  If I don't post here for awhile, I may be locked away in a rehab; the subject of an intervention to face my addiction to nasty fumes.

This is the pantry door which will be a swinging door.

 The kitchen cabinets
 The mud room bench

 and more drawers.  If you look closely you'll see a number written on the bottom of the drawers.  This tells the painer where to return the drawer to so each drawer will go back in its very own place.

The beams got stained as well. 

The walls have actually been painted as well, but it was very hard to get any photos with it being so dark.  Once all of the paper comes off windows I may be able to get some decent pics of the paint.  Until then....

We did get a little snow the day we were out getting these photos. 

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