27 January 2011

Lights!! We Have Juice!!

The electricians worked for several days to get all of the light fixtures hung.   They flipped the power on and I must say, a little rush came over me the first time I walked through the house with the lights on.  It's as if the house has really come to life. 

Here are some of the fixtures C and I found over the past several years.

These are the coach lamps on the front porch.  There are two of them

This is the chandelier in the entry hall.  It's from an outfit called Salamander Glass Studio.  It's very Bohemian in nature.  The iron is hand forged and the shades are hand blown and decorated.  I like that each shade is unique, different and signed by the artist.  These shades are called Desert Sunrise.

This is another art glass piece.  We have this in the hallway going to the guest rooms.

This iron piece is in one of the guest rooms.  If I were a better photographer you could see the ivy leaves that are entwined throughout the fixture.  The bulbs were in the fixture when we bought it and we'll eventually change these out and add some small shades to it.

This is in the other guest bedroom.  I like the seeded glass panels.

We found two of these funky alabaster fixtures and put one in each of the guest bedroom closets.

This is a larger version of the fixture in the guest bedroom.  We hung this in the Master bedroom.

Track lighting in the great room.  There are four of these; two on each wall.  We'll play around with these and point them here and there.

This is probably my favorite.  It's a leaded Tiffany-style ceiling fixture that we hung over the island in the kitchen.  We found this a couple of years ago and for two years I marveled at how large it was.  Once it was hung...

it shrunk.  But I still love it.

This is a small fixture for the pantry that is part of the Island chandelier suite.

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