09 January 2013

Road Trip - Washington, D.C. Part I

Some of my friends looked at me funny when I mentioned that Lovey and I drove to the D.C. area the week after Christmas. Drive???  Why not fly??  Well, there are several answers to that question.

If we have the time, we enjoy driving; to see and enjoy this beautiful country of ours.  We can stop at different places; discovering new ones and re-visiting familiar ones.  We can try new eating establishments that we read about or learn of from the Food Network and Travel channels.

When we head to the Carolina and Virginia area we prefer to go "the northern route" which is Dallas picking up I-40 in Little Rock all the way through Tennessee and either up to Virginia or over to NC from their.

This year our route was altered to "the southern route" due to Winter Storm Euclid running along our northern route.  The southern route is through Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia then we turn north in Atlanta.  By the way, can anyone tell me when they started referring to winter storms by name? 

We had enough snow in the DFW area to give us a white Christmas.  This is what it looked like until we reached Shreveport.

This is just north of Richmond, VA on I-95 our second day on the road.  Wasn't that a quick trip?

Several hours later we reached our destination and got to see these sweet things.

What a blessing it is to be a Mimi and GranDad to these cutie-patooties.

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