23 January 2013

Roadtrip - Washington, D.C. Part IV

On our last full day of our visit Lovey and Char spent a day shopping, exchanging and returning.  An after Christmas ritual that I try to avoid at all costs.

While they were out I stayed home with the kids and their dad.  I cherished the time I was able to spend with them.

It was cold and sleety/snowy outside so we stayed in and played Hungry Hungry Hippos and basketball and all sorts of fun things.

We did some arts and crafts stuff and finished decorating holiday sugar cookies.

Miss Muffet creating a masterpiece with her Lite Brite

After a full day of shopping Char took Lovey to the Maine Avenue Fish Market in D.C. and brought back some really great sea food.  Lovey said the fish market was absolutely fabulous; I was a little envious he got to experience it.  We had seen it the night before while looking at the monuments at night.

Miss Muffet was a big help in the kitchen.  She was very skeptical about the crabs but slowly warmed up to them and decided they were safe to hold.

Especially when she found out they were dead!

Early the next morning Char made us coffee and we loaded up the car and began our journey home.  We were sad to leave.  Char and James were the best hosts and we loved our time with the grandkids.  One thing I am taking away from this trip is the joy in seeing how much love this young family has for each other.

I can still see Miss Muffet and Sweet Pea at the Air Museum, chasing their mama and squealing with delight as Charlotte turned and chased them in return; catching them and covering them with kisses.

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