14 January 2013

Road Trip - Washington, D.C. Part III

With kiddos at home with their dad, Char tooled Lovey and I around the city to see the monuments at night.  I had never seen them lit up.  What a lovely perspective to see them in!

 Jefferson Memorial

 One memorial that I have never been to is the Franklin Roosevelt Memorial.  I would love to see this sometime during the day.  Instead of a building it was an outdoor nature walkway with waterfalls and vignettes that reflected different times and philosphies during his presidency.

I had Lovey stand here so you could get a perspective of the size of the bronzes

The Soup Line.  This was very humbling to see.  Lovey and I realize that it is only by the grace of God that we are not in that situation.  So many still are today.

Father and daughter

Washington Monument from the Tidal Basin

A jaunt across the bridge to get a photo of the entrance to Arlington National Cemetery with the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier sitting at the top of the hill.

 The United States Botanic Gardens all decked out for the Holiday

As was Union Station.  Gorgeous wreaths.  Next trip out I want to see the inside of this train station.

 Our nation's capitol is beautiful at night!

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