10 January 2013

Road Trip - Washington, D.C. Part II

Char took us to the Udvar-Hazy Center, part of the National Air and Space Museum.

Aaaahmazing place.  Even if you are not into planes you can't help but be in awe over everything inside.

 The Space Shuttle Discovery

The Enola Gay.  The plane was named for Enola Gay Tibbets, the mother of the pilot.  I strive to keep this an educational page.

An Air France Concorde.  Flying on Concorde was on my bucket list until the fleet was retired.  The closest I got was watching Concorde take off and land several times.  Lovey was fortunate to have flown on it twice. 

The Clipper Flying Cloud - the world's first pressurized commercial airliner.  This was one shiny plane.

The Spirit of Texas - the first helicopter to complete a round-the-world flight

The Airphibian - part plane / part car.  This is how you avoid those lines at the rental car desk.

A Boeing Stearman - the type of plane my father-in-law soloed in prior to his B-24 training during WWII

Lockheed Blackbird

This is the Rheintochter RI, an experimental antiaircraft missile built for the Luftwaffe in the last years of WWII.  What fascinated me was that the "wings" or whatever they are called are made of the most beautiful wood.

The Restoration Hangar

Planes, planes, and more planes!

Starting to get a little worn out.

A little refreshment and a rest.  This momma loves her babies!

We had a wonderfully good time!!!

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