02 October 2010

Our Resting Place

One thing you can say for us...we didn't give up.  We were determined to live outside of the city, somehow, some way.  We prayed for direction, guidance.  I knew our prayers were being heard; I just wished the Lord would verbally give me his answer to me like he did Moses, so I wouldn't have to listen so hard.

This is a lot that we looked at from time to time for probably over a year.  We kept finding ourselves back at this lot and long story long (yeah, my family and real friends know I can't tell a short story anyway) it turned out to be the answer to our prayers for what we were looking for in a home.  It is a little over 3 and a half acres, 2/3 of the lot is wooded and it has a creek running through the back (this satellite photo doesn't show the back lot line.
Since it is in a sub-division, the dream of pigmy goats and fresh eggs from Blue Cochins every morning are lost.  However, we can have horses and cows (one per acre, I believe) and I think we can have bees.  That might be really interesting to pursue.  The one thing I'm especially excited about is making that wooded area a really beautiful woodland and grove.  And, the creek; I think I will like the creek.

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