01 October 2010

A Five Year Search

We certainly learned our share of things when we set out to find our perfect acre.  The first thing we learned was that there is no perfect acre.  I could make a long list of all the things we learned but that would be really boring.  Instead I'll show you several of the lots that we thought were "the one" and for some reason or another just wasn't going to happen.

Photo disclaimer here.....since I didn't have photos of the lots I turned to satellite photos and roughly outlined the acreage.  These satellite shots are SO old too, because there are actually alot of houses built around the lots we looked at.  With that said here they are.

This was the first lot that we were really excited about.  We called it The Bluff Lot.

I did actually have a photo of this lot that was taken from below.  It's a high bluff with a beautiful view out to the west.  Bet the neighbors below would have felt a little uneasy that we could just look right down into their business; I know I would have; not that I would have stood at the edge of the lot staring into their business or anything.  It's an acre but most of the acre isn't buildable.  We would have had to change the house plans drastically (the lot screamed M.O.D.E.R.N.) and logistics for getting equipment up there became overwhelming.  I also had big-time safety fears with the lot.  What if someone went over the cliff?!?!?  From time to time we drive by to see if the right people with the fortuitousness and the money have built on it.  No one yet but I'll wager that when those right people come along it will be fantastic.

This is the 2nd lot we had high hopes for.
It was an acre and was a nice sub-division.  The lot sat up high and had a nice view.  The catch with this one was we had to use the Developer as the builder.  We went along with that for awhile.  It became increasingly obvious as time went on that we did not want them to build our house and they really didn't want to build it either.  The plan was not one of their own plans and even though they initially told us, "No problem", it obviously was.  At the end of the day we parted ways and began burning up gasoline on Saturdays again looking for another "perfect spot".

This is the acreage that made us think, "Hey, how nice to have 11 acres and have a couple of goats, and a chicken, and who knows what other livestock"!  We'd be in the country but still have neighbors down the road. 

This had a great view of the river bottom below.  There would never be anything built below us; just hay and cows.  We could live with that!  C. tried to wear down the owner of this acreage but he just wouldn't come off the price; not even a little.  Someone will one day have a fabulous place on this land!

The search continued....

Now we were looking for more than an acre.  Dreams of me riding my tractor with a smile on my face, being on a first name basis with the man at the local feed store, living amongst small country towns like Hooterville and Crabwell Corners, with friends like Floyd Smoot....oh, wait...I'm so sorry, that was Oliver Wendell Douglas and his wife Lisa on Green Acres.   A side note before I snap back to reality.  This conversation from the episode where Lisa was being taught how to drive resonated very deeply in my young mind.
Teacher: (teaching Lisa how to drive) Do you know what these are? (pointing to the gear shift) P-R-N-D-L.
Lisa: Oh yes. that's a pernundel. My husband has a pernundel on his car, too

Oh yes, I called it the pernundel during my first day in the car at Driver's Ed, thank you very much.  Actually, I still call it that.

OK, I recall this blog is about a house.  Next time I journal in, I'll share where the Lord took us.

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