16 October 2010

The Hard Stuff

The hard stuff for me is making decisions about the aesthetic things.  This is C's area of expertise.  Brick and stone are especially hard because it is difficult for me to imagine what the brick or stone are going to look like on the house. 

I mean, they give you such a small sample to imagine what it will really look like on a massive surface.  I can't do that; C. can.  I'm so glad I have him to do that.  I can pick out what I like, but he has the eye to picture what it will look like in the big picture.

Here is the stone we selected along with the brick the we think we will use.  We're going to look at two other places Monday.  The other thing we have to select are the shingles; another little sample to BIG area situation.

BtB is going to give me house addresses that he's used the brick and shingles on so I can feel a little more comfortable that I won't end up having a pink house with a green roof.   If anyone out there notices a lady driving back and forth in front of your home tomorrow, please stay calm.  It is not a stalker; just me.

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