12 October 2010

Framing Her Up

They have been working on the framing for a couple of days now.  I finally got out to take photos and here they are!

Before I get to the framing photos, here is a shot of one of the post - tensioned cables that exit the slab after the forms have been removed.

Since it's hard to tell what anything is and I don't know that much about the framing, I'll just put these photos out here. 

The entry hall from the front porch.

Looking onto the back patio from the entry hall.

 The ceiling in the kitchen

 Our bedroom, taken from the back patio

 Looking into the Great Room, from the kitchen.

 The garage

 The courtyard off the back patio and the woods behind.  Would those be our back woods?

 North wall in the Great Room, showing the three doors and little windows above.

 Great Room from another angle.

 View of the house standing in front of the woods.  The garage is on the left, the kitchen is the taller roof next to the garage, the great room is in the center but hasn't been framed to the ceiling yet; all bedrooms on the right.

 Primary window & 3 little windows on the North wall of the kitchen

The front porch

More later!  Don' want to overwhelm you with such exciting content on one day, HA!

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