04 October 2010

Water Well

Not a very exciting day.  We had to decide where the water well was going to be drilled.  Although I grew up in a house that was on well water I never had to know anything about it.  Guess I'll be learning now!

Here's the well bore and lying on the ground is the extremely expensive pump that has been dropped off for installation today. Hmmmm..

It was decided to drill the well at the northwest corner of the house, between the sidewalk and the house.  Bob the Builder (BtB) and I will have to sit down and discuss how to disguise the well.  I know for a fact I will not have one of these...
This is a mock rock.  I've seen these from time to time in people's front yards hiding water wells and some actually have them in their gardens.  I'm sorry, I don't mean to be offensive to those who like these, but they look too fake for my liking.  Even from a hundred feet away they look like they could blow away in a good stiff wind.

I'll probably suggest for BtB to have ours encased with the same stone or brick that will be used on the house, and with a flat topped "lid" that I can at least use to place a planter on.

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